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June 18, 2014


3 Cycles of
1 Minute Handstand Hold
:30 Second Support Hold on rings.
Max Effort Supine Ring Rows

Take a little time to recover between movements but put most of your rest between each cycle.  Scale the  handstands and ring supports first by cutting the time at each movement.  For the handstands your first scaling option is walking up the wall to an angle or performing them with your feet on an appropriate box.  If you’ve never been up on the rings before be sure to have a spotter on your first attempt.  Ring rows can be as difficult as you want them by placing your feet out as far as possible.    Advanced athletes perform freestanding handstands and support on top of the rings in an L-Sit.


AMRAP 15 Minutes

5-L Arm Kettlebell Thruster 24/16kg
5-R Arm Kettlebell Thruster 24/16kg
20 Sit-ups
200M Run

Off Ramp WOD

Perform the same workout but put some thought into the thrusters. They are tough enough with a barbell and can be even harder with an uneven one arm load!  Tuck your elbow in while the kettlebell is in the front rack and don’t rotate out too much when you press overhead.  Working with a dumbbell is an option and usually easier to get your shoulder into a healthy position.  If you are not squatting with an upright torso consider goblet squats or air squats against the wall.

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