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June 18, 2017


4 minutes at each station with 1 minute rest between movements

Rope climbs
Two arm dumbbell clean & jerk 50/35 lb
Row for meters

Workout notes: Before today’s workout you will get a chance to spend some time on rope climb technique! Our workout today is in a chipper format that will start with 4 minutes of rope climbs.  If you are capable of climbing to the top and coming down safely you will perform as many rope climbs as you can during this time.  If you are not quite ready for 15 ft. rope climbs you can scale the height of each rope climb or scale the movement by starting each rep laying down and then pulling yourself up hand over hand to standing and then returning back to laying down in the same way.  Make sure to wear ankle and shin protection if you are climbing the rope and as always, be smart and safe!  After the rope climbs you will move on to two arm dumbbell clean and jerks. This should feel VERY different than your first movement.  At this station you should be moving a weight that is light enough for you perform sets of multiple reps in quick succession. Next you’ll hop on the rower for 4 minutes for total meters.  This might feel a lot like recovery after the very anaerobic clean and jerks so focus on your breathing and try to pick up the pace as you go through the 4 minute piece.  For this workout record each of your scores separately.  You will see these movements as well as this format again so you will want to refer to this data in the future.

NOTE: If you are an advanced rope climber and/or weightlifter and want an extra challenge you may start on the rower and progress in reverse order but we recommend starting with the most difficult movement for beginners.

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