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June 30, 2014


Squat Clean

Work up to a strong effort squat clean. Start light and increase in small increments after successful lifts. If you are still working on learning the clean begin by catching the bar above parallel and ride it down into the bottom of your squat. Add weight if you are able to smoothly ride the bar down. If your mobility is challenging you, play with your foot and hand positions to find your optimal squatting stance. The bar should be racked on your shoulders with your elbows in front of the bar as you stand up. Only increase the load if you are comfortable with the mechanics of the lift.


3 Rounds for Time

50 Air Squats
30 Alternating Dumbbell Snatch 45/30lbs

Workout notes:  Be sure to maintain the movement standard for each repetition throughout the workout.  With a high rep light weight sprint workout it can be tempting to short the range of motion to get a faster time.  Make sure each squat hits full depth and finishes with the hips open.  Lock  the snatch out overhead and remember to rotate your arm so that your palm is facing inward as you finish the rep.

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