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June 7, 2015


5 Rounds for Time
400M Run
10 Two Arm Burpee Dumbbell Deadlift 45/30lbs
10 Two Arm Dumbbell Push press 45/30lbs
10 Two Arm Dumbbell Front Squats 45/30lbs

Workout notes: The workout will require two dumbbells that you will be tied to for three consecutive movements.  The limiting factor for most people will be  most likely be the push press but the squats will also be difficult.  Make sure that you choose a weight that you can do actual push press with and not push jerks so you are for sure working on a movement that will help develop unilateral strength. Don’t forget to be strategic about when you break up reps so that you don’t perform extra dumbbell cleans to get them into position!

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