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March 14, 2015


10 Rounds for Time
3 Heavy Front Squats
6 Strict Pull-Ups
9 Push-Ups with Feet on a 45-lb plate.

Workout notes: Please note there is no weight prescribed on the front squats.  Choose a weight that’s fairly heavy compared to what you would normally use in a lightweight metcon.  The squats should be taken from the floor so do your best to squat clean the first rep.  A set of 3 should be doable but hard.  Something in the 70% range would be appropriate. Perform the strictest and hardest pull-ups that you are capable of.  Likewise with the push-ups elevate your feet onto a plate that is about 3″ off the ground and perform them with perfect posture.  If you have been scaling your push ups by coming up off of your knees use this opportunity to perform them with a higher level of difficulty than you are used to.

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