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March 15, 2017


EMOM for 8 Minutes
:40 seconds Plank Hold
:20 seconds Rest

Our skill work today is pretty simple. You may perform your plank hold on either your elbows or hands depending on your preference. Focus on quality and don’t sacrifice a good body position just to stay up for the full 40 seconds every round.  If you are unable to stay up for the full 40 seconds you can choose to hold for 30 seconds and rest for 30 seconds every round.


AMRAP in 20 Minutes
200m Plate Carry 45/25lb
20 Push-Ups with feet on plate 45/25lb
20 Box Jump Overs 24/20″

Workout Notes: We’ve got a long workout today.  It will start with a 200 meter run with a weight plate.  You are free to carry the weight however you choose.  When you return from the run you will perform 20 push-ups with your feet on the plate.  This will slightly increase the difficulty of your push-up reps so make sure that you are proficient with regular strict push-ups before deciding to use the plate here.  20 may feel like a large amount of push-ups if this is a difficult skill for you.  If you are unable to complete strict push-ups from your toes you can scale by performing push ups from the knees rather than resting on the ground and breaking at the hip as you press out.  The full range of motion is chest and thighs to the ground and back up. Do your best to hold the same form for every rep.  Plan to break them up in to manageable sets for your skill level. For the box jump overs you will face the box to jump on top of it and then jump or step down on the other side of the box before your next rep.  If you don’t feel comfortable jumping to the prescribed height for the box jumps choose a lower box or stack some weights to a height that you can jump to rather than stepping up to a higher box.  An option to scale this workout would be to leave the plate totally out and complete the both the run and the push-ups without it.

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