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March 16, 2015


E2MOM for 10 Minutes
3 Power Clean

Work up to a moderate weight Power Clean and perform 3 repetitions every 2 minutes for 10 minutes.  Ideally you choose a weight that allows you to do all three reps in a row  with very little rest.   For a power clean we’re looking for a little bit lighter weight than you would use in a squat clean.  You’ll catch the bar in a partial squat dropping as low as is needed.  If you end up breaking parallel you have lifted correctly but have possibly gone a little too heavy.  With 5 rounds of 3 reps and 2 minutes rest for each set you should be able to attempt a weight that is a bit heavier than you would use if  you  were performing this for 10 rounds on the minute or during a metcon.


AMRAP in 10 Minutes
21 Air Squats
15 Kettlebell Swings 32/24kg
9 Push-Ups

Workout notes: The “Rx” version of today’s workout calls for heavy kettlebell swings.  If you have been using the same weight kettlebell for a while use this opportunity to bump up the weight you normally use. Scale or test out the heavier swing by performing them russian style and going above eye-level as you are feeling more comfortable.


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