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March 19, 2016

EMOM for 10 Minutes

Straight set of Kipping Handstand Push-Up

In this skill work you will be attempting a set of handstand push-ups every minute for 10 minutes. Treat this as skill work and do not do a max set.  Performing 2-3 well timed reps with a solid kip will be more beneficial than trying to max out and hit failure.  A succesful EMOM like this would be hitting the same number every round.   This is a higher skill gymnastic movement that requires a lot of upper body strength.  A great way to scale the movement for individuals that are comfortable being inverted and have the strength, is stacking 1 or 2 abmats.  Resist stacking more than 2 abmats because this takes away from the technique and range of motion of a HSPU. Rather complete pike push-ups, as these work through a similar range of motion.  For pike push-ups keep your legs straight as you complete each rep.  At the bottom of each rep your hands and head should create a triangle.  To increase the difficulty of the pike push-up try putting your feet on a box.



AMRAP in 13 minutes

55 Deadlifts 225/155 lb
55 Wall Ball Shots 20/14 lb 10/9′
55 Calorie row
55 Handstand Push-Up

Workout notes: Today’s workout is 16.4! The 4th workout in the CrossFit Games Open competition. Most everyone will be eyeing the HSPU as a difficult challenge but don’t forget about the reps leading up to them! It will be a difficult task to get through all of the prescribed reps with enough time to do some push-ups so don’t be worried if you end up on the rower, a lot of us will end there and that is okay!  If you do not have HSPU yet scale to hand release push-ups and hold yourself to high standard.  Remember if you are participating in the Open you can not perform the workout and expect to be judged during class time so come it at 10:30 to get 16.4 in the books!

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