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March 19, 2018


5 Rounds of
30 seconds of burpees
90 seconds rest
30 seconds of rowing for calories
90 seconds of rest

Like last Monday our skill work is a little different than what we normally see. Today we’re performing ten two minute intervals with thirty seconds of work.  The focus of this skill work is intensity! You have a lot of rest after each bout of work so the goal is to achieve the highest number of reps possible in that short time frame.  For burpees we’re looking for quick and explosive movement. This usually means working on the bottom part of the burpee. Practice rapidly closing your hips from the prone position and explode into your jump without hesitation.  If you need to work less than the 30 seconds to achieve quick reps that would better than slugging away at slow reps for this skill work.  Rowing may seem simple but technique plays and important part.  Focus on getting the fan wound up quickly and holding the pace at the highest number of calories/hour possible!


AMRAP in 7 minutes
7 Front squats 155/105 lb
14 Kettlebell swings 32/24 kg

Workout notes

This workout is a short couplet of two difficult weightlifting movements. Choose weights that you could easily do a set of 7 squats and 14 kettlebell swings unbroken.  You may want to break up the rounds as you fatigue during the workout but if your weight is so heavy that you can’t you may have gone too heavy! There is a large conditioning element to both movements in this workout as you’ll be forced to hang on to the object for a time rather than performing single repetitions. Give yourself a short amount of rest prior to each movement in order to do the largest sets possible.

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