March 22, 2015


For time

75 Calorie Row
50 Thrusters 75/55lbs
25 Burpees  Over The Bar

Workout Notes:  This workout is a chipper! We’ll start in waves and work through each movement in order.  Knock out your row at a sustainable pace but leave some room in the tank for the more taxing thrusters.  You’ll most likely need to break up your reps into manageable sets so avoid hitting failure with your first set and set the bar down and work through the thrusters at a steady pace.  Consider attempting a “drop” set plan like 20-15-10-5 or something that makes sense to you.  The relatively low number of burpees as your cash out may seem like a trivial task but presenting them at the end of the workout creates the opportunity to push your limits and see what kind of pace you can keep up

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