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March 25, 2018

Movie Night!

Redeemed and Dominant tonight @ 6PM in the gym!


AMRAP in 20 minutes

5 lateral burpees over bar
10 deadlift 185/135 lb
25 double unders

workout notes

Today’s workout is a long one.  The rep count in each movement is fairly low so you will feel like you’re moving through rounds quickly.  Pick a pace that feels quick but manageable and allows you to move consistently through the entire 20 minutes.  The deadlift weight is meant to be pretty light so that hitting all 10 reps in a row shouldn’t be a problem when beginning the workout.  If you are still working on mastering the double under decrease the number per round to something that feels more doable.  If you are still working on just getting one or two at a time you can choose to complete 40 singles rather than 25 double unders.

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