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March 5, 2015


5 Rounds not for time

1 Minute Plank Hold
:30 Seconds Handstand Hold
:30 Seconds Squat Hold in the Bottom of Squat with a 10# plate or other object extended at arms reach.

Take as much time as you need to to perform each movement to the best of your ability.  Plank holds can be scaled up to a modified planche or scaled down by holding the position as long as you can.  The handstand can be freestanding to increase difficulty or scaled down in a number of ways!  For the squat hold get your hip crease below parallel while holding a plate at arms reach.  Hold that for :30 seconds or as long as you can! The plate should help you maintain an upright torso.


AMRAP in 12 Minutes

7 Hang Power Clean 155/105lbs
21 Push-ups
200M Run

Workout notes: Your hang power clean weight is listed slightly heavier than you might normally see in a workout.  If you have been confidently moving a certain weight don’t be afraid to bump up what you normally use but be sure to choose a weight you can perform a full set of 7 when fresh.

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