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March 6, 2016


In front of a clock set for 12 minutes
1 minute of burpee pull-ups
1 minute of power snatch 75/55 lb
2 minute of burpee pull-ups
2 minute of power snatch 75/55 lb
3 minute of burpee pull-ups
3 minute of power snatch 75/55 lb
Workout notes: This workout will be scored by your total number of repetitions in all 12 minutes of the workout.  Using the first minute establish what you think is a “sustainable” pace for a twelve minute workout and try to hold that number in your next intervals. If you get close to the same number of reps in all 3 rounds you probably went too hard in the first round! For the burpee pull-ups use a pull-up bar that is out of your reach and minimize kipping! This should be a pull-up that you can jump into!


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