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March 8, 2017


EMOM for 10 Minutes
2 Power Snatch

Perform two power snatches every minute for a total of 10 rounds. You can choose to link your reps together or perform two singles.  The weight you choose should be in the  moderate effort range.  An appropriate weight would likely be 65-70% or less for newer lifters. Consider starting with a weight you are very familiar with and increasing by small increments if  the lifts are going well.  Even though we are not squatting in this version of the snatch, make sure to drop underneath the bar slightly as you catch it with your hips behind you.  If mobility is an issue for you, talk to your coach about practicing a split snatch!


3 rounds for time
400 meter Run
21 Push Ups
21 Kettlebell Swings 32/24kg

Workout Notes: 21 may feel like a large amount of push-ups if this is a difficult skill for you.  Scale first by performing push ups from the knees rather than resting on the ground and breaking at the hip as you press out.  The full range of motion is chest and thighs to the ground and back up. Do your best to hold the same form for every rep.  Plan to break them up in to manageable sets for your skill level.  The kettlebell weight is our standard prescribed weight so scale this as you normally would.  If you are considering moving up in kettlebell weight from what you would normally swing choosing to decrease the height of the swing and opting for Russian style swings is a great way to start this transition. You should be able to get your 21 swings done in 2-3 sets each round.

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