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May 14, 2016


in teams of 3*

for time *
Row 450* Calories

*Partners must rotate every 15 Calories. (Can be completed in pairs as 450 or 300 for time)

Workout notes: Today we’re working on a monostructural effort in short intervals as a team.  You’ll row 450 calories as team but you must switch every 15 calories.  This workout usually works best when all members give all out effort during each bout on the rower. So row AS HARD AS POSSIBLE every time you on the rower to get an effective workout.  Practice quick transitions and agree on settings for damper and foot rests or have your partners change them.  You can even try rowing without tightening the straps if you are comfortable doing that.  It will change the dynamic a bit but this workout can also be completed in pairs for a total of 300 calories.

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