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May 19, 2018


90 second death by squat clean & jerk *

Every 90 seconds for as long as possible.  Start with 1 rep of each movement and add 1 in every interval


1 squat clean + 1 push jerk 155/105 lb
2 squat clean + 2 push jerk 155/105 lb
3 squat clean + 3 push jerk 155/105 lb
4 squat clean + 4 push jerk 155/105 lb
5 squat clean + 5 push jerk 155/105 lb

and so on until you cannot complete the prescribed number of repetitions in any round.

* 14 round cap

Workout notes

Today’s workout comes in a different format than your typical AMRAP or time priority workout.  Your score will be the final round in which you complete the prescribed repetitions plus any additional reps in the round that you do not complete.  For example, if you complete the round of 9 and get 10 squat cleans in the round of 10. Your score would be 9 + 10.  We’re capping this workout at 14 rounds so the highest score possible is 14.  If you make it that far, congrats! You are very good at this weightlifting endurance test.  Making it to the 14th round will be a big challenge as it means you will need to move non-stop through that entire final interval.  The best strategy for this workout will be single repetitions on the squat clean and large sets of push jerks.  Use a weight that is below 60% of your 1RM and one that you could move continuously with short rest for both movements.  If you scale appropriately those first few rounds will be very easy and the difficulty will set in as you accumulate reps.  Challenge yourself and have fun if this format is new to you!



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