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May 2, 2016


EMOM for 10 Minutes
Power Clean + Push Press + Push Jerk

Today’s skill work is a power clean + push press+ push jerk complex. The limiting factor here will be the push press for most athletes. Your 1RM jerk will usually be a bit higher than your push press but you should find the difficulty of the lift to be enhanced a bit due to the push press.  Use this as technique practice for your Push Jerk with a little fatigue so you can work a lighter, more manageable weight but still get the same training effect as going heavy.   Choose a weight that you can maintain through all 10 minutes. If you choose to add weight as you go make sure that you only do so if you are catching the bar in a power position with your feet under your hips and that you are still able to push press the weight rather than dropping under the bar like will with the push jerk. Focus on quick elbows and dropping under the bar for the power clean. On the push press keep your chest up in the dip and squeeze your legs and butt as you drive the bar over head.


for time

Deadlifts 185/135 lb
Ab-Mat Sit-ups

Workout notes: Today’s workout focuses on opening and closing the hip. Practice keeping your back straight as you work through the deadlifts in today’s WOD.  Focus on quickly closing the anterior chain by contracting the hip flexors.  It’s easy to generate extra momentum by swinging the arms and extending the legs so keep that stuff to a minimum if you want to work on just the sit-up! Keep your feet anchored and make your rep as strict as possible.

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