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May 23, 2017


EMOM for 10 Minutes
[odd] Straight set of Strict Toes-to-bar
[even] Max set or :30 seconds of double unders

For today’s skill work we are tackling the strict version of the toe-to-bar. If you are not able to get your toes to the bar without kipping, work on bringing your knees up into a tuck position while hanging from the bar or lift your feet as high as you are able with straight legs to make it more difficult. If you can get your toes to the bar focus on keeping your legs as straight as possible and push on the bar as your feet come up.  These are difficult so your straight sets will most likely be small, plan for 5-10 reps per round. No kipping! In the opposite minute you will be performing either a max set of double unders or 30 seconds of work on this skill.  If you are still working on double unders spend 30 seconds trying to get as many reps as you can.  If you are comfortable with this skill feel free to work for as much of the minute as possible or go for a max unbroken set in each minute.


5 rounds for time
10 Kettlebell Snatch 32/24kg
10 Push-ups
200m Run

Workout Notes: Today’s workout is a time priority triplet. Initiate the kettlebell snatch very much like you would a kettlebell swing, but lead with your elbow and rotate your wrist around the kettlebell before punching out at the top.  Try not to just flip the KB end over end and let it smash into your arm.  You do not need to bring the kettlebell back to the floor or alternate arms between reps, each rep can be initiated from the hang and it is up to you how you split up the reps. With only 10 reps per round this is a great workout to bump up your kettlebell weight if you’re ready. Scale the push-ups as needed so that you can maintain good form through all 10 reps.  Keep your torso tight and make sure that your chest taps the ground for each rep whether you are working from your toes or your knees here. The set sizes here are small so try to keep moving quickly and focus on fast transitions between movements.

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