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May 24, 2017

[creativ_alertbox icon=”” colour=”red” custom_colour=””]REGIONALS WEEK SCHEDULE ADJUSTMENTS: There will be a few adjustments to the schedule this weekend as many of us will be heading to the California Regional Competition in San Diego! Please note the following scheduling changes this week:
Friday-5/26: No 6:30PM Class
Saturday-5/27: No 10:30AM Open Gym
Sunday-5/28: No Gymnastics or Free Class
Monday-Memorial Day: Classes at 9:30 & 11AM ONLY.[/creativ_alertbox]


Strict Pull-Up with Pause at top of pull-up

Spend some time today focusing on strict pull-up strength.  Hold your chin over the bar momentarily after you reach the top of your pull-up and then practice a controlled descent for every rep. If you are using a band choose one that makes the 2 reps challenging and try to implement the pause at the top.  If you are doing ring rows, pause momentarily with the rings in contact with your chest for each rep and make the reps as difficult as possible by changing the angle of your body.  If a set of 2 with the pause is quite manageable consider adding weight to your sets while still maintaining the pause at the top.


10 Rounds for time

30 seconds of Two Arm Dumbbell Push Press 50/35 lb
30 seconds of rest
30 seconds of Box Jumps 24/20″
30 seconds of rest

Workout notes: Partner up for this workout if needed and share a pair of dumbbells and a box. Remember that when you use dumbbells the difficulty level is much higher than the same load would be with a barbell so be conservative and focus on appropriate mechanics during the workout.   Each bout of work is fairly short so treat each movement as a sprint and try to achieve as many reps as possible at both stations.  Scale the box height to something you are capable of jumping to rather than stepping up to a higher box.  Your score will be your total number of reps completed.

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