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May 5, 2020

At Home Wod

“Reverse Kalsu”

For time:

100 burpees
*EMOM 5 one or two arm thrusters

Workout Notes

Programming second for Crossfit Davis, hailing from Menlo Park, California, he loves power cleans and muscle-ups, catch him on the golf course hitting his drives anywhere but the fairway, and if anyone knows how to improve mobility without actually working on it, please let him know…your morning coach: Alex Aguiar! Remember “Kalsu” from a couple weeks ago? Well we have a variation for you today. This time, you will complete one-hundred burpees for time. At the top of every minute, complete five thrusters. If one-hundred burpees seems daunting, consider giving yourself a time cap. A twenty minute time cap will get you one-hundred thrusters plus however many burpees you completed (which is quite a bit of volume regardless of your pace). Use a barbell if you have one, but a kettlebell or dumbbell(s) will also suffice. Make sure to shoot for equal work on each side. And finally, choose a weight that you can consistently knock out five thrusters unbroken. Hit full depth on the squat portion of each thruster and lock out completely at the top by punching your head through your shoulders. Please file all workout complaints to Alex A.

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