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May 7, 2017



for time *

1 Mile Run
21 Clean and jerks 155/105 lb
800 M Run
21 Clean and jerks 155/105 lb
1 Mile Run

*40 Minute time cap

Workout notes: This workout is a hero workout from honoring U.S. Marine Corps Sergeant Matthew T. Abbate.  Much of your time will be spent running, if this volume of running looks like too much you can scale the load by cutting the distance in half for each run.  There will be a 40 minute time cap on this workout to make it out on the last run.  The barbell load is a bit heavier than the normal 135/95 so think about adding an extra 5 pounds to the weight you would normally scale to, but make sure you are able to complete quick singles without much set up before each rep with the weight you choose. Hero workouts usually have a bigger challenge in them than your day to day training. Scale either volume or load as needed but go hard and leave it all out there!

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