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May 8, 2017


EMOM for 10 Minutes
[odd] :30s Toes-to-bar
[even] :30s Plank hold

It’s midline madness for our skill work today! For 10 minutes you will be alternating between toes-to-bar and plank holds for 5 rounds of each movement. During every odd minute perform 30 seconds of toes-to-bar. Feel free to bump the numbers up from what you would do if we were doing only toes-to-bar each minute, but keep in mind that your midline may fatigue a bit quicker when paired with the plank hold.  If you are unable to get your toes to the bar while keeping the rhythm of your kip, lower your target so that you are able to work on the skill of linking your reps rather than slower reps just to get your toes to the bar. The Plank hold is pretty straight forward. You may perform your plank hold on either your elbows or hands depending on your preference. Focus on quality and don’t sacrifice a good body position just to stay up for the full 30 seconds every round.


5 Rounds for reps with one minute on each station

Row for Calories
Double Unders
Two Arm Dumbbell Hang Squat Cleans 50/35lb

Workout notes: Today’s workout will be scored like you would score the workout “Fight Gone Bad”. Count your total number of repetitions completed across all 5 rounds and come up with one total score.  In this workout we are performing intervals starting on the rower.  Choose a pace here that allows you to move right into the double unders without much of a break.  If you are still working on your double unders use your minutes at this movement as skill work rather than just doing singles. The only thing that will improve your double unders are…double unders! You can do it! It can be a difficult and frustrating skill, but stick to it! Your last movement of each round will be two arm dumbbell hang squat cleans. Choose a weight here that allows you to do multiple reps in a row and to spend more of the minute working than resting. Utilize your hips to swing the dumbbells up towards your shoulders as you drop down into a squat.

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