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May 8, 2020

At Home WOD

For time:

400m run
150 wall balls
400m run

Workout Notes

Happy Birthday to our fearless leader and programming specialist: Matt Pedri! I’m assuming that this is his favorite workout because he programmed it on his birthday, but you never know. In his free time, Matt likes to troll Dave Castro on social media through his many burner accounts. He also enjoys dragging his weight vest across the gym after sweaty hero workouts and no-repping athletes during the open. Rumor has it that Matt hides beer in a secret fridge behind the dumpster at the four-hundred meter turn around for running workouts. We love him, but please blame him if you crash and burn in today’s workout. Essentially, our workout is “Karen” with a little extra work. Start and finish the workout with a four-hundred meter run or approximately two minutes of running. Sandwiched in-between the runs are one-hundred and fifty wall balls. Minimize your rest and break up the wall balls accordingly. A couple other options to replace the wall-balls include: empty bar thrusters or jumping squats. Let your coach know if you need an alternative option!

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