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November 11, 2020


Make 10 attempts at a set of shoulder taps in a free standing handstand
10×1 Lunge Kick to Free Standing Handstand

Scaling options include:
Shoulder taps with feet on a box
Handstand hold against wall if available
Wall Walks

Workout of the day

10 rounds of 60 seconds on 30 seconds off
12 alternating dumbbell hang squat cleans
max reps double unders

Workout notes

This work/rest interval should be familiar by now. You will have ten attempts in a one minute window to rack up as many double unders as possible. However, before grabbing your rope you’ll have to get through twelve alternating hang squat cleans with a dumbbell. Before scaling the amount of reps, try choosing a weight that will allow you to get through all twelve hang squat cleans in time to get to your rope. If needed the amount of reps can also be adjusted to ensure that you are getting at least a few reps with the jump rope in every round. Spend some time before the workout going over the double under with your coach. If you are able, try to stick to just double under reps during the workout even if it means your score will suffer. If you’re not quite ready for this skill in a workout you can scale to singles with a regular rope or with a drag rope.


standard: 35/20 lb
rx: 50/35 lb
sport: 65/45 lb
overachiever: 75/55 lb

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