November 17, 2017


EMOM for 10 Minutes

straight set of Kipping Pull-ups then 20 seconds of double unders

For our skill work today we’ll be working on two bodyweight movements.  We saw this combination last Monday the 13th in our skill work. This time around we’ll working stringing together a set of kipping swings or pull-ups.  Working on these movements on an interval timer and allowing some rest in each round should help to lower the intensity and allow you to work on the strength and skill required.  Start each round with sub-maximal set of  pull-ups then immediately work for about 20 seconds on double unders.  Be sure to give yourself a few seconds of rest in each round prior to starting your next round of  pull-ups.  If you are proficient at both movements work on Chest-To-Bar pull-ups and Triple unders!


3 Rounds for time

400M Run
21 Hang Power Cleans 115/85 lb
12 Lateral burpees over the bar

Workout notes: Today’s workout is a task priority triplet formatted like the infamous CrossFit benchmark “Helen”.  There’s a big bodyweight component to this workout with a potentially difficult weightlifting movement.  We have a rather high rep set of hang cleans.  The weight you choose should be on the lighter side of your max effort. Something in the 50% range or less would be a good estimate.  You’ll want to be able to complete each round of 21 in 2-3 sets from the start and 2-4 sets as you fatigue in your last rounds.

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