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November 21, 2015


In teams of 3

Row 7500M for time*

*complete 50 Air Squats and a 400M run while off of the rower. 40 minute time cap.

Workout Notes: Today we will be performing a team workout!  The task at hand is to complete a 7500M Row while performing rounds of 50 Air Squats and a 400M Run while you are off the rower.  Everyone is working at the same time and the transitions occur when the runner comes in and tags the rower. You must work through the air squats and run before getting on the rower.  If the air squat person finishes before the run is complete, that is additional rest time for the squatter. Wait until the runner has transitioned  to the row and the rower to the air squats before leaving on your run and so on.  If you are within 90 seconds of completing the row you do not need to make a final transition. If you decide to work as pairs cut the row down to 5000M!



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