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November 25, 2020


EMOM for 10 minutes
1 Hang Power Clean from below the knee + 1 Hang Power Clean from above the knee

We’ll start with some lifting today that will really force you to focus on technique and positioning. Your first rep will be a hang power clean from below the knee. This means you will pick the bar up to the hang then bend your knees, bow forward and bend your knees again until the bar passes just below your knee. Don’t pause here but go right into your clean instead. Without dropping the bar return to the hang and complete a standard hang power clean. This time the bar will stay above your knees as you bow forward. The second rep is a little less technical and may feel easier than the first. Focus on a strong back position and strong shoulders throughout each lift. Fast elbows and a quick pull under the bar will pay off here as well.

Workout of the day

5 rounds for time
15 deadlift
12 front rack walking lunge steps
9 hang power clean

Workout notes

Today’s workout is for time. Your weight for this workout will most likely be decided by the lunge steps. Make sure you try all three movements with the weight you choose before the workout starts. Don’t worry if the deadlift feels light, it is supposed to be and the reps will add up for sure. You should have plenty of practice with the hang power clean after the EMOM so hopefully the weight will feel light and fast by the time you get to the workout.


standard: 95/65 lb
rx: 115/85 lb
sport: 135/95 lb
overachiever: 155/105 lb

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