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November 5, 2015



Work up to a strong effort set of 5 deadlifts.  Start with a light weight and make sure that you have established a straight back and appropriate setup as you address the bar.  Remember to maintain your posture as you progress though each set of five and as you increase in weight.


AMRAP in 12 Minutes of

5-10-15-20-25-30 …

Burpee Jump to a Plate (Use a 45# bumper or equivalent, reach full hip and knee extension with both feet on the plate)
Wall Ball Shots 20/14lbs to 10/9′ target

Workout notes: Getting through the Wall Ball Shots quickly will save some time for most people but attempting to increase the speed of your burpee will bring the biggest benefit and be very rewarding.  The hardest method happens to be the fastest.  Perform a plyometric push-up and snap the legs up before bounding onto the plate.  You will most likely find this method to be very difficult but you will get a great workout.  This workout is a repeat from December 10, 2014!



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