November 8, 2017

EMOM for 10 Minutes

1 Hang Squat clean  + Split jerk

Today we have some barbell skill work on the menu.  Start by deadlifting the bar to the hang position and then lower the bar by bending slightly at the knees and then closing the hips. Drive the bar upward and receive it at the shoulders while you drop under the bar into a full squat.  Stand up and then follow up with a split jerk.  You have a total of 10 attempts at this lift. Use this opportunity to practice the mechanics of the lift.  Focus on keeping your elbows high during the squat and chest up as you dip and drive for the jerk.


3 Rounds for time

30 Medicine ball cleans 20/14 lb
20 Burpees

Workout notes: Today we have a task priority couplet of the dreaded squat and burpee combo.  Medicine ball cleans are a great opportunity to practice quick turnover with your elbows and dropping under the ball and into your squat.  Remember to cycle each rep to it’s full range of motion. With a movement like medicine ball cleans it can be very easy to get lax with your movement standards.  Aggressively open the hips as you would with a barbell and descend to the bottom of your squat for each and every rep.  Count your burpees after reaching full extension with a clap overhead.

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