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October 10, 2017

EMOM for 10 Minutes

[odd] Kipping Toe-To-Bar
[even] 40 seconds of double unders

Our skill work is a great opportunity to refine two common movements. You’ll have a total of 5 opportunities each to work on the kipping swing/toe-to-bar and double unders.  If you are new to the kipping swing  start by alternating between the hollow and arch position on the bar and follow that by pulling the knees in and up as high as possible. Remember that this is skill practice so don’t start with a max set or use this to test your overall work capacity if you haven’t mastered these skills yet.  Start with small sustainable sets and try to maintain that effort across each round.


for time


Power cleans 135/95 lb
Thrusters 135/95 lb

Workout notes: Today’s workout comes to us from! We have a task priority couplet with two weightlifting movements!  Most athletes will find that thrusters have a higher difficulty level than the power cleans so you will want to scale your load based on your ability with thrusters.  The advantage with power cleans is that you can perform them as single repetitions and still maintain a fast cadence. Thrusters on the other hand are usually performed in sets. If you are forced to perform single reps of thrusters from the outset of the workout you have gone too heavy.

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