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October 12, 2020


using the tabata clock

8 rounds of 20 seconds plank hold
10 seconds arch hold

We’re adding in a bit of skill work today before we get to the workout. Start with a tabata of plank holds on either your hands or elbows with an arch hold during the “rest” period. Focus on keeping your arms shoulder width apart with elbows locked out during the arch holds. Keeping your legs straight and squeezed together will also up the difficulty of this position.

Workout of the day

AMRAP in 15 minutes
12 front rack walking lunge steps
9 push-ups

Workout notes

After the tabata we’ve got a classic fifteen minute couplet of front rack lunges and push-ups. Choose a weight for the lunges that you could do twelve unbroken with. This is just a guidance for weight, you don’t have to sustain unbroken sets through the whole workout. Push-Ups can be scaled as usual working from your toes, knees or with your hands on a box. The set sizes are small today so this would be a great workout to challenge yourself and stick to a difficult standard for this movement. Your score for this workout will be total rounds plus any extra reps.


standard: 65/45 lb, knee push-ups
rx: 95/65 lb, strict push-ups
sport: 135/95 lb, strict push-ups wearing a vest
overachiever: 135/95 lb, strict push-ups wearing a vest

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