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October 15, 2015


EMOM for 10 Minutes
[odd] Handstand Push-Ups or Piked Push-ups with feet on box
[even] REST

The strength and skill minimum for attempting handstand push-ups is 15 perfect and unbroken Push-ups as well as at least a 60 second handstand hold.  If you aren’t able to perform the base skills, scale the movement to one that gets you working on the movement and addresses your biggest weakness. Spend one minute working on the skill by working in small sets or performing single reps if need be.


5 Rounds for time
15 Hang Squat Clean 135/95 lb
200M Run

Workout notes: Today we’re working on Hang Squat Cleans. The weight you choose should be light enough for you to complete each round in sets.  The rep count in each round is high so work with a weight that is around 60% of your max for this movement.  Remember to review the hook grip!

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