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October 20, 2017


Back Squat

Spend some time working up to a strong effort 2 rep back squat.  You shouldn’t be working up to failure but to a weight that is challenging and doesn’t compromise form.  Remember to keep your torso upright and push back on the bar through the entire range of motion. With the back squat your chest will be forward a bit depending on where you put the bar but you should maintain that angle from start to finish. If you are approaching a max today we’ll use two spotters, one on each side of the bar.  With spotters on hand you do not want to bail on the lift. In the unlikely event you get stuck in the bottom of your lift your spotters will help you up so you can re-rack the bar. Don’t be too proud to ask for spotters! When it comes to back squatting safety is always our number one priority.


AMRAP in 15 Minutes
20 Toe-to-bar
400M Run

Workout notes: Today you’ll be working for 15 minutes on toe-to-bar and running.  A set of 20 is on the larger side but this workout is formatted similar to an interval style workout in that your arms will get some recovery as you perform the runs.  Remember that running is a skill too! Pairing a gymnastic movement with a monostructural one lets you push the pace for both.  Practice using good running form and try to sustain strong effort splits for each run.

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