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October 23, 2017

[creativ_alertbox icon=”” colour=”theme” custom_colour=””]Don’t miss out on the fun for a good cause! This Friday at the gym we’ll be canceling the 6:30pm class to carve pumpkins, eat Halloween treats and drink @sudwerkbrew. All you have to bring is a pumpkin to carve and a cash donation for those affected by the Napa/Sonoma/Santa Rosa fires! Bring your kids, family and friends! #crossfitdavis #community #helpothers #byop #bringyourownpumpkin[/creativ_alertbox]


EMOM for 10 Minutes

2 Power Clean

Work up to a moderate weight Power Clean and perform 2 repetitions every minute for 10 minutes.  You can use this opportunity to practice performing repetitions as “touch and go”  or do two quick singles.  For a power clean you’ll catch the bar in a partial squat dropping as low as is needed.  If you end up breaking parallel you have lifted correctly but have possibly gone a little too heavy.  Focus on getting your elbows around quickly so that you catch the bar at your shoulders.  Practice utilizing the “hook” grip and you might find that your pull feels stronger and more secure off the floor.


AMRAP in 10 Minutes

3-6-9-12-15 …
Power clean 155/105 lb
30 Double unders after every round

Workout notes: Today’s workout is a classic couplet of double unders and power cleans.  The barbell reps will increase for every round you perform and the double unders will remain at 30 reps per round. The workout will lean heavily on the jump rope in the first few rounds and finish with large sets on the barbell. You score will be the highest round your complete both the cleans and double unders. For example, if you completed 15 cleans and 5 double unders in the round of 15, your score would be 12+20.  The suggested load on the barbell is on the moderate side.  Use this opportunity to bump up the weight you might normally use in a metcon.

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