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October 24, 2014



Power Clean & Push Jerk

Working from the floor, work up to a moderately heavy Power Clean and Push Jerk.  Remember to catch the bar in a partial squat from the floor and then again as you receive the bar overhead. Work on driving straight up without letting your chest cave and then catch the bar with your arms straight overhead.  Maintain the depth of your jerk so don’t have to press out.


EMOM for 20 Minutes

[Odd] Clean & Jerks 95/65lbs
[Even] Rest

Workout notes: You are working for 20 minutes 1 minute at a time for reps and resting an equal amount of time  Find a pace that let’s you work through the minute but at a sustainable rate. Remember you are getting 1:1 work:rest total. Try to make this work as aerobic as possible and avoid hitting failure. Your score is your total number of reps.

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