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October 27, 2014

EMOM for 8 Minutes
30 Seconds of Pull-Ups

Complete as much work as you can each round.  If you are new to kipping keep the number small and practice the timing.  If you are in the 2-3 rep range and having difficulty, making multiple attempts within the minute would be totally appropriate, this is skill practice!  If you are using a band make sure to perform dead hang pull-ups so you don’t use the rebound of the band to propel you upwards!


For time

10-1 Box Jump 24/20″
1-10 Squat Clean 135/95lbs

Workout Notes: This workout will get really difficult towards the end with this rep scheme! You’ll be performing mostly box jumps for the first few rounds.  Make sure you don’t race through those reps and leave something in the tank as you get closer to the last few rounds where you are performing mostly barbell work.  Rest when you need to and execute each rep!

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