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October 27, 2020


EMOM for 12 Minutes
1 squat clean

The barbell is back today for a twelve minute EMOM of squat cleans. Let’s focus on positional awareness today. Start by lifting  the bar from the floor as you keep your hips low and your back upright.  Practice pulling  the bar off of the floor under control and gradually increase speed without compromising your upper body positioning.   As the bar passes your knees, violently open the hips to create vertical lift and quickly drop into a receiving position.  When you catch the bar in the bottom of your squat drive pause momentarily and take a quick assessment of your position.  You will have twelve opportunities to work on this lift so make every rep count.   Remember that this is skill work so maxing out your lift is not a priority. Start light and work up to a moderate load that allows you to test a reasonable weight but do not sacrifice your mechanics.

Workout of the day

AMRAP in 8 minutes
30 double unders
3 squat cleans

Workout notes

In today’s workout you have the opportunity to go a little heavier in a short strength and skill based workout. After testing the squat clean in our skill work you should have a good idea what weight is appropriate. With only three reps per round you do have the opportunity to go a little heavier than normal but the weight on your bar should still be a ways off of your 1RM.


standard: 115/85 lb
rx: 165/115 lb
sport: 205/145 lb
overachiever: 225/155 lb

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