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October 28, 2016


Strict Pull-Up with Pause at top of pull-up

Spend some time today focusing on strict pull-up strength.  Hold your chin over the bar momentarily after you reach the top of your pull-up and then practice a controlled descent for every rep. If you are still unable to perform strict pull-ups, practice holding at the top with as slow of a lower down as possible. If the lower down is not an option you can perform the movement ring rows pausing in the same manner.


5 Rounds with 1 minute on each station

Two arm dumbbell hang squat cleans 45/30 lb
Row for calories

Workout notes: Score this workout as you would score the workout Fight Gone Bad.  Count your total number of accumulated reps and come up with one final score.  Focus on quick breaks during the push-ups and hang squat cleans so that you can spend as much of the minute working as possible. Transition quickly between movements and go harder on the row than you might if it did not come directly before the rest.


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