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October 30, 2014


Split Snatch


Practice the Split Snatch today! For most of you this will be a new lift. Work on the mechanics first before you add any weight to the bar.  Start the lift as you would with any other variation. Pull from the floor with low hips and then extend the hips to create vertical drive.  To receive the bar you’ll drop into a deep lunge similar to your split jerk.  This can be a great option for those that still have some mobility needs in the shoulders, hips and ankles.  If squat snatching is not usually a problem for you it’s still a great test of dexterity and skill. Have fun!


For time

400M Run
50 Pull-ups
400M Run
50 Push-ups
400M Run
50 Sit-ups
400M Run
50 Squats

Workout notes: Another classic workout featured recently on! This workout is a great opportunity to test your running skills! The movements that are paired with the run won’t tax your legs like other exercises but maintaining  your splits will be difficult! If classes are big you will start in two waves so the pull up bars will not be too crowded.

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