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October 6, 2015


EMOM for 10 Minutes

[Odd] 30 Seconds of Kipping Chest To Bar Pull-Ups
[Even] 30 Second Handstand Hold

The skill work today focuses on two basic bodyweight movements that do take some effort to master. In order to achieve the chest-to-bar pull-up you’ll need a baseline level of strength and coordination so first master kipping swings and strict pulling strength before attempting that movement.  If you do have the strength quite yet banded pull-ups can help but if you have been stuck there for a while try jumping pull-ups with a static hold and slow lower down. On the alternate minute perform about :30 seconds of a handstand hold.



For time
Walking Lunge Steps
Power Clean 185/125 lb

Workout notes: This workout is a task priority couplet with a high number of repetitions of a bodyweight movement and lower quantity of a weightlifting movement.  Even though you are only performing bodyweight lunges the higher rep count will be fatiguing. Work at a sustainable pace so you can recover quickly for the cleans.  With the lunge step make sure that you perform quality reps by reaching out with your leading leg and letting your back knee kiss the ground.  The suggested or “Rx” weight is on the heavier side but for this workout attempt a weight you can perform power cleans.

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