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September 13, 2016


EMOM for 10 Minutes
Straight set of Handstand push-ups

The strength and skill minimum for attempting handstand push-ups is 10 perfect and unbroken Push-ups as well as at least a 60 second handstand hold.  If you aren’t able to perform the base skills, scale the movement to one that gets you working on the movement and addresses your biggest weakness. Spend 30 seconds of each  minute working on the skill by working in small sets or performing single reps if need be. Scale with one or two abmats in order to learn the skill but make sure you meet the baseline requirements for a handstand push-up before attempting the movement!


5 rounds

3 Minutes of
4 Thruster 65/45 lb
6 Hang Power Cleans 65/45 lb
8 Sumo-deadlift High Pull 65/45 lb

1 Minute off

Workout notes: This workout will be scored like you would score the workout “Chief”.  Count your total rounds completed in every interval and any additional reps scored. Your final score will be the total number of complete rounds plus your total number of additional reps.  The total workout time is 15 minutes in a 19 minute format so this workout falls into a longer time domain. Don’t go all out in round 1! Start with a strong effort but not at max capacity. Do your best to sustain that effort throughout the entire workout!  If you do this workout with an empty barbell the sumo-deadlift high pull will start each rep below the knee and make sure to always control the empty bar when putting it down.

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