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September 29, 2017

[creativ_alertbox icon=”” colour=”red” custom_colour=””]Tonight is the Fall Music Fest to benefit Davis Schools! Tickets are only 10$ and when purchasing you can designate which school you want 50% of your money to go to. Our member Ryan Davis has put a lot of work into organizing this event so let’s support him and help raise some money for Davis Schools! 5:30-8:30pm at the Davis Art Center outdoor stage. Buckhorn food truck and Sudwerk beer will be there too! Hope to see you there! [/creativ_alertbox]



Work up to a heavy single deadlift today.  This doesn’t necessarily mean you go up to max effort, but work up in weight as you feel comfortable. Judge your effort by the strain it takes you to achieve each lift.  New lifters should keep the load light and work on proper body mechanics as they increase in weight.  Start with a light weight and make sure that you have established a straight back and an  appropriate setup as you address the bar.  Be sure to maintain your posture as you progress though each set of two and as you increase in weight.  Warm up with multiple reps as you build in weight and when the bar starts to feel heavy drop to singles until you’ve hit your max for the day.


AMRAP in 10 Minutes

3-6-9-12-15 …

Burpee Box Jump 24/20″
Deadlift 225/155 lb

Workout notes: Today’s workout is a little bit of a twist on one of the team series workouts. In the team series you would perform each rep synchronized with your partner.  To save space we’ll perform burpee box jumps rather than jumping over the box.  The gym will be quite full with barbells and boxes out for everyone.  Be sure to keep your bar to side of your box rather than directly behind your box.  This will have you doing burpees parallel to the bar and provide some room just to be safe.  You should have a good idea what a strong effort deadlift is after the skill workout so setup a bar in the 50-60% range of your 1RM.  You can break up each round in any way that you see fit but you should definitely be able to perform at least 6 in a row with your chosen weight.  If you find that you are stuck performing single repetitions early on, you may have gone too heavy.

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