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September 4, 2016

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for time
50 Chest-To-Bar Pull-ups
75 Push-Ups with feet on a 45 lb plate
100 Overhead Walking lunge steps 45 lb plate

Workout notes: Today’s workout is formatted a little bit like the famous CrossFit workout “Angie”.  We start with the most difficult movement the Chest-To-Bar Pull-up and transition from there to push-ups and lungess.  This workout is a chipper and might be considered one of the more difficult ways to see movements. You have a high number of repetitions done all at once so no “recovery” from one movement while you work on another.  All of the movements here can be scaled independently.  You can perform chin over bar pull-ups, ring rows or jumping pull-ups if you are not quite ready for Chest-To-Bar. The push-ups can be scaled by putting your feet on the floor or doing them from your knees. The lunges can be performed without the plate to give your shoulders a rest if need be. If you are new to this level of volume scale the total number of repetitions.

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