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September 8, 2015


EMOM for 10 Minutes
1 Squat Clean + 2 Front Squats

If you were able to participate in yesterdays WOD you likely worked on the hang clean and front squat at a light weight during a metcon scenario.  For the skill work we want to possibly work at a heavier weight and practice smoothly taking the bar from the floor to the front rack position and riding it down into the bottom of the front squat. Follow up with two front squats after you complete the squat clean.

Workout notes:

AMRAP in 8 Minutes

20 Alternating Dumbbell Snatch 45/30 lb
30 Sit-Ups

Workout notes: We have higher rep rounds of two movements in short time domain.  The movements compliment each other in that they alternate between primarily anterior and posterior movement.  For that reason try to set out at continuous pace and work at that capacity for all of the 8 minutes of the workout.

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