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Wednesday, January 30th

A few announcements:

We have had some huge classes lately! This is super exciting, but we know that at times it can feel crowded. Please know that we are working on a long term solution to better accomodate our growing CFD family! We appreciate your patience and willingness to share bars/platforms/space etc. Keep showing up and working hard! You all make CFD so great!

On another note, registration for the Opens starts today!! You can register and create a profile for yourself at If you have questions about what the Opens are or are still deciding if this is something you want to do, come to a quick info meeting on Sunday at 10:30 am. Kirsten will be there to answer any questions you have and to explain the process of the Open Workouts. It really is a great way to challenge yourself and it’s also a ton of fun!


Use 10 Minutes to establish a new PR at an Unbroken Double-Under Pyramid. 
Increase each step of your last pyramid by 1-10 reps.  Ex 5-10-15-10-5  becomes 10-15-20-15-10.



AMRAP in 20 Minutes.

10 Toes To Bar
10 Power Cleans 95/65 lbs
10 Squats 95/65 lbs